Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Podcast 50 {Quote~Fact~Fun} - 'Food Fest'

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Hotch Potch English - The Mega-Minute Podcast - No.50
Listen to the Mega Minute Podcast, read the text, and try to understand as much as possible.

Don't worry if you don't understand everything - just listening to real English is a FANTASTIC way to improve..!

Practise as you listen:

do a dictation: write down everything and check below
listen and repeat: speak until your English accent is perfect!
learn by heart: remember everything and impress your friends!

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Podcast Script:
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Hello, and welcome to the...
Hotch Potch English ~ Mega Minute Podcast No.50!

Today's Quote

'Take some more tea,' the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. 'I've had nothing yet,' Alice replied in an offended tone, 'so I can't take more.' 'You mean you can't take less,' said the Hatter: 'it's very easy to take more than nothing.'

   ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Today's Facts

In the United States...

People with less than a high school degree have the highest obesity rate (32.9%)

Non-Hispanic black people have the highest obesity rate of 36.8%.

Non-Hispanic white people have an obesity rate of 25.2%. Other races (i.e. Asians) have the lowest obesity rate of 16.7%.

Approximately 72.5 million American adults are obese.

Today's (bad) Joke

So I said to the miserable employee, 'Hey, I thought McDonalds was supposed to have fast and friendly service.' And she says, 'That's at participating McDonald's, and we ain't participating.'

That's all for today!
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Podcast 50 {Quote~Fact~Fun} ~ "Food Fest"
Created & written by Sab Will
Copyright 2012 
Sab Will / Hotch Potch English
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