Monday, 23 February 2009

Podcast 24 {The Interivew} - 'It's An Aphrodisiac!'

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Hotch Potch English - The Mega-Minute Podcast - No.24

Listen to the Mega Minute Podcast, read the text, and try to understand as much as possible.

Don't worry if you don't understand everything - just listening to real English is a FANTASTIC way to improve..!

Practise as you listen:

do a dictation: write down everything & check below
listen and repeat: speak until your English accent is perfect!
learn by heart: remember everything and impress your friends!

Podcast Script:
(Right-click and open in new window to listen)


Hello, and welcome to Hotch Potch English...

And today I'm interviewing...

Murielle: Murielle!

Sab: Where do you come from, Murielle?

Murielle: Ah, I come from Guadeloupe.

Sab: And what does your company produce?

Murielle: We produce cocktails, based on rhum and exotic fruits.

Sab: Oh really? What sort of fruits?

Murielle: Lot of fruits, like passion fruit, pineapple, coconuts...

Sab: And do people like your cocktails?

Murielle: Yes! Especially the one with ginger - it's an aphrodisiac!

Sab: Oh really? Can I try one?!

Murielle: Yes, of course!

Sab: Thank you! (slurp!) Mmmm...

OK, that's all for today.


And see you next time - bye bye.

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Podcast 24 {The Interview} ~ "It's An Aphrodisiac!"
Created & written by Sab Will
Copyright 2009
Sab Will / Hotch Potch English
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