Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Podcast 19 {The Interivew} - 'Lots of Rooms!'


- Listen to the Mega Minute Podcast,
- Read the text,
- and Try to understand as much as possible!

Listening to real English is a FANTASTIC way to improve..!

Some ideas:

do a dictation: write down everything & check below
listen and repeat: speak until your English accent is perfect!
learn by heart: remember everything and impress your friends!

Podcast Script:
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Welcome to ...Hotch Potch English!
And today, I'm interviewing...

Emilie: Emilie!

Sab: Where do you live, Emilie?

Emilie: I live in Paris, next to the Rodin museum.

Sab: Do you live in a house, or a flat?

Emilie: I live in a big flat on the fifth floor.

Sab: Tell me about the rooms in your flat Emilie.

Emilie: Well, there are about thirteen rooms in total! There is a big living room with a view over the museum. There are four bedrooms, for my parents, my sister, my brother and me. And there's a little apartment upstairs for my cousin.

Sab: Is that all?

Emilie: No, of course there is a kitchen, some bathrooms and even a little games room!

Sab: What a great apartment - thank you Emilie!

Emilie: You're welcome!

Sab: That's all for today. See you next time - bye bye!

(Emilie: Bye!)

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Podcast 19 {The Interview} ~ "Lots of Rooms!"
Created & written by Sab Will
Copyright 2009
Sab Will / Hotch Potch English
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