Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Podcast 13 {The Interivew} - 'They're Hot!'

Podcast Script:
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Hello, and welcome to...Hotch Potch English ~ The Mega Minute!

And today, I'm interviewing...

Samanthi: Samanthi.

Sab: Samanthi, where do you live?

Samanthi: I live in Bruges.

Sab: OK, but your nationality is...

Samanthi: I come from Sri Lanka.

Sab: And why are you living in Bruges?

Samanthi: Why am I living in Bruges?

Sab: Yes.

Samanthi: Because... because I love Bruges!

Sab: OK, and do you love the Belgians?

Samanthi: Ahh.. yes and no.

What do you mean?

Samanthi: Ahh (laughs)... now I'm in trouble! Well, I love their food...

OK, what is typical Belgian food?

Samanthi: Ahh, the typical Belgian food would be, I would say, brown beef with brown beer sauce.

Sorry, your husband said something! Typical Belgian food is..?

Filip: Beer, beer and beer! (Samanthi laughs)

Sab: OK! And what do you think of Belgian men? Quickly, we have five seconds...

Samanthi: Oh, they're hot. They're hot!

Sab: They're hot! Thank you, that's all for today. See you next time - bye bye!

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Podcast 13 {The Interview} ~ "They're Hot!"
Created & written by Sab Will
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