Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Podcast 11 {The Expression} - 'Intents & Purposes'

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Welcome to the...
Hotch Potch English ~ Mega Minute Podcast No.11!

Today's Expression

"to all intents and purposes"

This is an important and sophisticated expression.

"To all intents and purposes he can speak English fluently."

This means it is not exactly true but the effect is the same.

"I grew up with my uncle, and to all intents and purposes, he was my father."

This means, he wasn't my father, but acted exactly like a father.

"Nothing has been signed, but we shook hands on it, so to all intents and purposes we've got the contract."

This means, although it is not official, in effect it is more or less certain.

So, to all intents and purposes this podcast is finished!

That's all for today!

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Podcast 11 {The Expression} ~ "Intents & Purposes"
Created & written by Sab Will
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