Sunday, 23 December 2007

Vidcast 5 {Culture} ~ "Christmas with Angie"

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Video Script:

Intro (shouted): "Hotch Potch English - The Mega Minute!"

Sab: "Hello everyone. It's Christmas time here in London- and Angelina and I are going to show you some of the things a typical British family does at Christmas. What are you wearing on your head, Angelina?"

Angelina: "I'm wearing a Father Christmas hat."

Sab: "And what are you holding?'"

Angelina: "I'm holding a Christmas card."

Sab: "What's that on the table?"

Angelina: "On the table is a Father Christmas teapot.

Sab: "And...?"

Angelina: "He's got a hat like mine!"

Sab: "And what do we give each other?"

Angelina: "We give each other Christmas presents."

Sab: "(Gasp) What's that?"

Angelina: "And this is our wonderful Christmas tree with our shiny baubles and tinsel! Fabulous, eh?"

Sab: "Thank you Angelina - bye bye."

Angelina & Sab: "Byeeee!"

End (sung): "Hotch Potch English dot com (, - 'The Mega Minute !' "

Vidcast 5 {Culture}~
"Christmas with Angie"
Created & written by
Sab Will
Starring Sab Will & Friends
Copyright 2007
Sab Will / Hotch Potch English
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