Thursday, 13 December 2007

Vidcast 3 {Vocabulary} ~ "One in a Million"

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Video Script:

Intro (shouted): "Hotch Potch English - The Mega Minute!"

Crowd: Yeaahhhh!!!

Sab: "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. I shall now attempt to count from one to one million in less than a minute, adding only zero."

One-Eyed Frog: "It's not possible! It can't be done..."

Miss Piggy: "My dream guy..."

Sab: One. - Add a zero... ten. - Add zero... one hundred. - Add zero... one thousand. - Add zero... ten thousand. - Add zero... one hundred thousand. - Add zero... one million!

Crowd: (Applause)

One-Eyed Frog: "Waahhyyyy!"

Miss Piggy: "Aahhhh..."

Sab: Thank you.

End (whispered): "Hotch Potch English dot com (, - 'The Mega Minute !' "

Vidcast 3 {Vocabulary} ~
"One in a Million"
Created & written by
Sab Will
Starring Sab Will & Friends
Copyright 2007
Sab Will / Hotch Potch English
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