Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Vidcast 2 {Vocabulary} ~ "Practise... or Play?"

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Video Script:

Intro (shouted): "Hotch Potch English - The Mega Minute!"

Sab: I have a friend (yeah!)... called Sophie. Who is... French.

One-Eyed Frog: "Because, I live in France, you see!"

Sab: And... the other day, Sophie said to me:

Sophie: "You know, Sab, I really like to practise tennis in the summer."

Sab: But in a French accent of course. And I said "No, Sophie, ahh, that's not good." And she said:

Sophie: "(sigh) Ah! I know. I really like to practise GOLF in the summer! Hah!"

And I'll tell you. The "Hotch Potch English - Mega Minute" is for people who love English! If you're a student...

Sab: And I said: "(laughs) Nooo, Sophie, hahaha... hahahahahaha... hahaha. No." What it should be is: 'I like PLAYING tennis, and I love PLAYING golf.'

Good luck, Sophie, with playing tennis, playing golf, and... everything.

Dream sequence: (Sab plays tennis with The One-Eyed Frog to the sounds of 'To The Hilt', by Die Krupps.)

End (whispered): "Hotch Potch English dot com (.com), - 'The Mega Minute !' "

Vidcast 2 {Vocabulary} ~
"Practise... or Play?"
Created & written by
Sab Will
Starring Sab Will & Friends
Copyright 2007
Sab Will / Hotch Potch English
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